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Managing Plugins

How often do you want to use a wordpress plugin and think to yourself “Can’t be bothered to “ftp” or whatever they call it!”

Well – if you are using the latest version of WordPress (currently v2.9.1) then the installation of plugins is really easy! Honestly!

To start off – login to your WordPress Admin Panel and navigate your way to Plugins and you will see the page called “Manage Plugins“.

pjCheviot Manage WordPress Plugins

Ok so you are there – at the very top of that page called Manage Plugins is a button marked “Add New“.

Click on that button to get to the next screen – Install Plugins:-

pjCheviot Install WordPress Plugins

Now you are faced with a few options!! Don’t panic – they are all straightforward and in the main, self explanatory (honestly!)

1. Dealing from left to right we have Search first – this actually refers to the search facility just under the Install Plugins, as shown here:-

pjCheviot Search WordPress Plugins

To use this – simply type in your search word(s) to give you a list of what is available for that term.

2. The next part of the menu refers to “Upload” – for this you must already have uploaded (by ftp or whatever) the plugin zip file which you want to install. This is the most complicated choice, and can be left as a last resort if you wish.

3. Next is “Featured” – simply clicking this will give you a list of Featured Plugins – those chosen by WordPress. If you see any you like you can install from that list by clicking on the Install link to the far right of the plugin description. More details below – under “Uploading Automatically”.

4. Fourth on that list is “Popular” and as the name suggests is a list of the most popular (by downloaded numbers) plugins available on the WordPress List.

5. Next in line are the “Newest” – again, simply the newest plugins to be recommended by WordPress.

6. And finally a list of “Recently Updated” – slightly different to newest – in that they have been around before and have just recently been updated to take into account the latest features of WordPress v2.9

Uploading Automatically

Whatever method you choose (apart from “Upload” which is the manual way!) – you will come across a page similar to this . . .

pjCheviot Installing WordPress Plugins

If you then simply click on the “Install” link to the far right of the page (corresponding to the plugin you have chosen) – a popup will appear to allow you to install your selected plugin:-

pjCheviot Auto Install WordPress Plugin

Well – guess what – just click on the Install Now button to automatically install the plugin! It really is as simple as that.

Once you have installed your plugin(s) successfully you will, of course need to Activate them.

pjCheviot WordPress Plugin Installed Successfully

Next would be to Configure the plugin(s) – if necessary – however, that’s another story . . . . . . . .

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