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You’ve certainly seen them – but did you know what they were called and how you could install them on your site??

FavIcon is short for favorites icon. Favicons became popular as icons that were displayed next to web site addresses on the favorites menu of a browser, also called the bookmarks menu. Today, favicons are displayed on the browser address bar and browser tabs, as well as on bookmarks and Internet shortcuts. A favicon is an icon associated with a web page or an HTML document.


pjCheviot Favicon Icon

Browser Favicons


They aren’t a necessity – but you’ve got to admit – they do add a little something to the browser bar – and, using a nice animated one – can attract attention!!

You can create your own here . . . . . . .

This particular site allows you to create a favicon from an image. What could be simpler??

Go on – you know it makes sense!!

Here’s another insight into favicons for you – Simply CLICK HERE!

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